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How to prep for your eyelash extension appointment:

• If you wear waterproof mascara, discontinue use 3 days prior to your appointment. 

The compounds in these products will remain on the lashes, even after properly cleansing.

This will prevent the extension adhesive from properly bonding and you may experience premature lash loss. 


Arrive with a freshly clean face and impeccably clean lashes. 

Residual oils and makeup remaining on the lashes will only prevent the adhesive from properly bonding. 

This point needs to be stressed - do not arrive still wearing eye makeup. 

Your lash stylist should not be spending more than a few minutes cleansing and prepping your lashes for the service. It is a waste of her skill time and a waste of your money. 

Less cleaning. More time. More lashes. It is absolutely acceptable to wear facial and brow makeup. Book your appointment first thing in the morning if you must wear eye makeup for the day.

• Avoid oil-based products on and around the eyes. 

Apply eye cream sparingly, if at all. For clients of mine with less than adequately hydrated eyes, I will apply cream prior to the service - Goldilocks style. If you use an oil-based makeup remover, make sure that is removed completely from the eyes as well. Oil is the kryptonite to lash adhesive.


• Arrive freshly showered and with clean hair. You won't be able to wet the lashes for the initial 24 hours after application. 

A compound found in all lash adhesives, cyanoacrylate, needs humidity to properly cure. TOO MUCH humidity will shock the adhesive and cause premature lash loss. Showers, steam, saunas, and crying are not permitted for the initial 24-48 hours after application. (Personal tip: I shower and wash my hair the morning before an appointment and take a bath for the next 2 days.)

• Remove your contacts, if you wear them. I recommend my clients wear glasses the day of service. 

Always pack your case and solution. Be prepared to wear your glasses after the service, as the application of contact solution will wet the lashes. Being contact free is a safety precaution and ensures you leave with happy, healthy eyes and lashes. 


• Facials first, lashes last. 

If you are receiving any sort of facial treatment that includes cleansing or steam, this must be scheduled PRIOR to your lash appointment. 48 hours after lash application is the recommended time post-lashing.


•Tint the lashes 24-48 hours prior to extension application. 

The chemical compounds in lash dye can cause the adhesive to improperly bond, or not at all. 

Schedule these services with enough time prior to your lash appointment. 

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